Pinterest Guide for Wedding Vendors (English)

You know that Pinterest has an enormous potential for your service / product, but you have to clue on how to set up your account or how the platform actually works? Plus you really have no time or energy to work on yet ANOTHER account to promote your business – and it sounds like a lot of work?

On 50 pages I explain how you can set up your Pinterest account the right way and how you can get rapid organic growth without paying for ads! You learn how to read your analytics and creating the next viral content. You’ll also get ideas on how to promote your account and make Pinterest a massive traffic generator. Plus: I show you my magic recipe for Tailwind, so the algorithm finally works for YOU and not the other way round!

If you set up your accounts exactly as I show you and create new content regularly, you will get 1 million impressions on Pinterest in a few months and therefore get a LOT of website traffic too!


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