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Fine Art Hochzeitsfotografin Berlin Miriam Kaulbarsch
Lachende Frau in Venedig mit Hut
Frau mit Hut und im gepunkteten Kleid vor großem Tor in Venedig

Hi, I’m Miriam

joyful, positive, super creative, happy, sunshine, heartfelt, funny...

This is how my friends would describe me! What should I say? They are right! When I did a personality test some time ago, it said that I am an „entertainer“ and my highest value is „joy“.

As a wedding photographer I can truly live my values 100%! I love capturing the small and intimate celebrations – with couples that love everything about photography and go all in regarding their flower budget.

My vision: make beauty visible

I wish for every single wedding couple that they will get romantic, emotional and simply beautiful wedding images.

“I knew I can count on you completely”,

said my bride Svenja to me and this is what all this is about: because when you are relaxed, we can create the most epic and stunning images!

Be an ambassador of joy

This is my mantra and I try to live by it every day and especially on every session and every wedding! This means that the joy of being in the moment is the key.

xoxo, miriam

get to know me

Fine Art Hochzeitsfotografin Berlin Miriam Kaulbarsch


favorite place library

I am actually a studied librarian, I love books and I do have a mini library at home. I love to read and I read fast – especially with physical books. Nothing beats the smell of those!

Edinburgh, Schottland


my heart belongs to edinburgh

I used to live in Edinburgh, Scotland and work at the National Library of Scotland (and yes I did see the Loch Ness monster)!



I love movies

Since I myself actually worked as an actress in moviews and shows before, I simply love everything around it. My favorite kind are super hero movies (hello Marvel) and right now K-Dramas.

Lux und Poppy - British Kurzhhaar Katzen


I love animals

I grew up with a Bichon Frisé dog called Coco and now I have two British Shorthair cats called Lux and Poppy.

Pole Dance


my sport pole dance

I have such a sweet tooth (cake! crisps! licorice!) and to keep myself fit and somewhat in shape I do Pole Dance. For me this sport combines dance and fitness and is an unbelievable confidence booster!

Fine Art Hochzeitsfotografin Berlin Miriam Kaulbarsch


natural curls

Yes my curls are all natural and no, I can’t give you some of them haha

Lesen ist eines meiner liebsten Hobbies

Why I love

photographing weddings

You only learn to cherish certain things when they are gone. Thank goodness I knew about that before „it“ went away… in my family there is a highlight of nearly every festivity, which I actually dreaded as a child: slide shows.

This would mean at least an hour of quiet sitting and watching old images of things I couldn’t remember and people I never knew. At this time I found it extremely boring but now it’s my biggest treasure. To know that our life is documented in that way is truly valuable.

This makes me thankful to deliver the important memories of my couples family history in the medium that is the most familar to me: the images. 

Eine Hand hält einen Blumenstrauß und ein Fuß schaut unter einem Rock hervor

“You are such a sweet and kind human and this is exactly what is mirrored in every image.

anna + patrick

villa schützenhof, berlin, germany

Fine Art Hochzeitsfotografin Berlin Miriam Kaulbarsch
Fine Art Hochzeitsfotografin Berlin Miriam Kaulbarsch

Everything began with my first camera...

…or even earlier? I mean I could tell you that nearly everyone in my family practially gets born with a camera in their hand.

Or that I always was the one taking images, making everyone go „Orrr Miri, just leave the damn camera at home“.

Or that I once had a terrible experience in a foto studio and told myself afterwards: there has to be a better way!

It was probably all this and more which made me buy my own big girl camera one day knowing that I just want to create really good images!

“We look terrible in pictures!”

If I had a penny for every time I heard that sentence and still it makes me chuckle because normally it’s simply not true. Of course you’re not photogenic if Uncle Peter takes a quick snapshot with his old digital. Even top models would have a hard time!

I personally think it’s the worst if you are in front of a camera without any kind of direction: „Just act natural“ and suddenly you have hands and don’t have a clue on what to do with them. This is why I am here: to direct you and make your inner model shine. I am always incredibly happy when my couples love themselves in their portraits.

And why weddings?

As a child I had two passions: book and the Ancient Egypt. Stories always fascinated me and even more when it was all about real human beings that lived 4.000 years ago. I mean how cool is it, that we today know something about them and even how they looked like? This was one reason why I became a librarian: I wanted to give access to stories from past times.

So for an internship I found myself in Edinburgh, Scotland at the National Library of Scotland. Here I was able to accompany one project: the digitisation of old „phone books“. Of course those books didn’t include any phone numbers since they were nearly 400 years old. But instead they listed the names, addresses and occupations of each resident.

My uni professor then asked me „But why?“ and I just stared at him in disbelief. Why? Because it’s amazing! And because the Scots actually love their family history and regularly research who came before them. I myself always look at my family tree which hangs pretty prominently at my grandparents home.

Because your story is worth it

When I came back home and really started to take photography seriously, it literally „clicked“ as I captured my first wedding of friends of mine! It was such a beauttiful day with so many emotions and great moments. I am so proud and happy that I got to capture that day. That’s what it means to give access to history – your very own history of you two.

By the way my home is thill my birth place: Berlin. Here I live with my husband and my two cats in Steglitz. I always joke that my husband only asked me to marry him to make me a better wedding photographer. Because now I know how it is on the „other side“ and that’s why I try to make this whole process as simple as possible.

Fine Art Hochzeitsfotografin Berlin Miriam Kaulbarsch
Fine Art Hochzeitsfotografin Berlin Miriam Kaulbarsch
Fine Art Hochzeitsfotografin Berlin Miriam Kaulbarsch

You are sugar, I am sweet...

together we are sugarsweet, if...

Editorial: Bridgerton Inspired Pastel Dream by Fine Art Hochzeitsfotografin Berlin Miriam Kaulbarsch


Miriam Kaulbarsch is an internationally recognized and awarded wedding photographer who got published in several magazines and online publications:

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Fine Art Hochzeitsfotografin Berlin Miriam Kaulbarsch


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